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The Complete Line

The Complete Line

The Oasis at Brandywine Falls

Welcome to The Oasis at Brandywine Falls, the best stop for rest and refreshments along Northeast Ohio’s MetroParks Bike & Hike Trail. Our stand is located along the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a few minutes’ walk from the stunning Brandywine Falls. 

From our convenient location on Brandywine Rd. alongside the Bike & Hike Trail, we offer bottled water, snacks, popsicles, ice cream, souvenirs, free air for bicycles, and water for your four-legged hiking buddies. The Oasis is open seasonally and generally serves from mid-morning until late-afternoon most days a week.

While you're here, sipping ice cold water and munching on ice cream, be sure to check out our new line of buttons, magnets, and mirrors. We offer a number of different patterns, some of which are shown here. These little souvenirs look great clipped to a backpack or attached to the refrigerator, and the mirrors are an integral addition to any purse. The newest addition to our line, The Classic Falls button, is available in three different styles-- hiking, biking, or plain-- and we'll update them every year. Check back anually and show off your love of the Park!