Shafts, Wheel Packages and Sleigh Covers


We have both new and used Shafts.  The used have paint loss and some wear but they are sound and usable.  Detailed pictures are available upon request.

New Shafts:   $350
Used Shafts:   $250

Wheel Packages:

The "Wheel Package" is designed as a removable system which allows the Hudson Cutter Sleigh to
be used on hard surfaces.  This feature is employed for use in parades or applications when there is no snow.  We have had children dressed up as Reindeer pulling the sleigh for indoor mall parades, a very unique and delightful way to introduce Santa Claus for the "Visit Santa Program".  This system is easy to install and remove.

Used Wheel package:  $250

Sleigh Covers:

The "Sleigh Covers" are made from lined, weather-resistant canvas.  They are custom fitted with ties for securing.  For off-season storage, these covers keep your sleigh clean and ready for the next winter.

Sleigh Cover:  $110